Bunny Bread Rolls

Bunny Bread Rolls

Welcome the start of spring with these cute little bunny shaped bread rolls. Little ones will love seeing these on their plate beside some homemade carrot soup or for a quirky picnic lunch at the park!

– 500g White Bread Mix
– 24 Sultanas
– A little Milk for brushing


1. Make your bread dough as per packet instructions & leave to rest.

2. Roll your dough into 12 ball shapes, making a slight point at one end for bunny’s nose. Cover with a damp tea towel for 30 minutes. This will allow the dough time to rise!

Bread dough for bunny bread rolls

3. Pop your oven on to 230°C or 210°C for a Fan Oven.

4. Now to shape your dough into bunnies. Using scissors make two cuts either side of the pointy nose end. As a rough guide your bunny’s ears should be around a third of the length of the rolls. Flatten the point on each cut to form cute bunny ears!

Making ears for bunny bread rolls

5. Make bunnies eyes by making two holes with a cocktail stick. You can either leave these plain or pop in a sultana to make beady bunny eyes!

Making eyes for bunny bread rolls

6. Lightly brush your bunny rolls with milk and then pop in the oven on a lined baking sheet for 15-20 minutes. Your bunnies will be a beautiful golden colour when they are ready to come out the oven.

Bunny bread rolls fresh out the oven

7. Your little bunnies will need to hop onto a wire rack to cool before they are enjoyed with Homemade Carrot Soup or as a yummy sandwich!

We hope your scrummy bread rolls will have little ones hopping back into the kitchen for more!

p.s Remember to hop along to your nearest Bambino Beats class for lots of Musical Fun before lunch. Find your local class here!