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Strawberry, Melon & Marshmallow Rockets

An Out of this World snack time treat for your little ones! Great for lunch boxes, picnics or a quick fix in the kitchen!

These little rockets are really simple to make in with your little ones and look fantastic at Birthday Parties too!

Get those little hands washed ready to build a yummy rocket in just three easy steps!

Step 1:

Slice your melon into eight 2cm x 8cm pieces. Shape 2 long sides on each piece to create a rocket tail shape.

Step 2:

Thickly slice your strawberries horizontally. You will need 3 pieces for each Rocket.

Step 3:

Now the tricky bit! With a grown ups help carefully slide melon, strawberry and marshmallows onto cake pop sticks to form your delicious Rockets!

We hope you manage to grab a Rocket before they all fly off the plate! YUMMY! 

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