Outdoor activities for little ones

18 Fun Outdoors Activities for Little Ones

1. Splash in Puddles

Dig out the wellies and waterproof suits then head outdoors for some fun splashing! Kids just love it!

2. Chalk on the pavement

Kids can show off their artwork on the pavement with lots of colourful Giant Chalk. Afterwards you can enjoy washing it off with the hose!

3. Make a Grass Head Monster

Little ones love planting seeds to watch them grow so why not make a Grass Head Monster to enjoy together. Click here to find out how.

4. Take inside outside

If the suns out then why not take some toys or books outdoors and play in the fresh air :)

5. Feed the ducks

Waddle to your nearest Duck Pond to enjoy the quacks and splashes while feeding the ducks!

6. Blow Bubbles

Simple garden fun guaranteed to bring lots of giggles!

7. Make mud pies

Every grown-ups worst nightmare! Pop on their waterproof suits and wellies so you just have to deal with mucky hands! Kids love getting dirty and making mud pies is a real treat!

8. Picnic

Why not make some Bunny Rolls and head outside for a Picnic! Kids love the excitement of rummaging through their lunch box and there is nothing better than some fresh air to tire them out!

9. Paper aeroplanes

Test your Aeroplane making skills and see which can fly the furthest!

10. Make a bird feeder

Keep little hands busy making a fun Bird Feeder! Then sit back, relax and watch the birdies enjoy their yummy treat!

11. Look for bugs under rocks

Have fun learning about creepy crawlies and see how many little ones can find!

12. Look for shapes in the clouds

Get imaginations running wild looking for animals, castles and dinosaurs in the sky!

13. Make an echo

You may have stumbled across a great local spot that has an incredible echo! Let little ones yell and shout until their hearts content…lots better than them doing it in the house!

14. Go on an adventure

Take out some paper and crayons to do bark rubbings! Why not take time to smell the flowers and take a bucket to collect leaves, sticks and cones you find on your walk!

15. Fly a kite

Dig out the kite and enjoy a sunny day at the park :)

16. Look for lambs

Remember to keep your eyes out for lots of bouncy, fluffy lambs in the fields. Our countryside will soon be full of new life!

17. Play Hide & Seek

1,2,3..ready or not here I come! This counting game is great fun & hilarious to play with toddlers who just aren’t that great at hiding!

18. Explore Rock Pools

Head down to the beach and have a look for some sea critters! Don’t forget your bucket and spade :)

Have lots of fun outdoors! Why not let us know your favourite outdoor activity?

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