Muddy Pigs

Muddy Pigs

Muddy Pig Hay Painting

Get messy painting some playful piggy’s!

2015-06-04 08.07.40This is definitely one of those activities which leaves you wondering who had more fun, me or the kids? Not only do we pass a local pig farm on our daily outings we also have two huge Peppa Pig fans in our house. The fascination with Piggy smells, muddy pigs and all the mischief Peppa gets up to in her adventures led this to be a hilarious craft.




2015-06-04 08.21.31You will need:

2015-06-04 08.23.40We found a simple pig template online and printed it straight onto our pink paper.

It’s helpful for grown ups to cut out the pigs body. This keeps little fingers safe & allows the kids to get straight to the fun bit, assembling their pig

They popped on their eyes, nose and twirly tail then stuck down their piggies to a large sheet of paper.

2015-06-04 08.22.24We then talked about what their pig liked to do… ultimately jumping in muddy puddles!

Our homemade muddy paint was a rough mixture of ground coffee beans. PVA glue and a little water. Just mix it all together until you are happy with the consistency. The texture of the homemade mud paint was really fun to play with & it smells divine!

Our paintbrushes were made from a bundle of straw bundled together with a craft pipe cleaner and loosely trimmed at the edges.

We had lots of fun sploshing mud all over our piggies making lots of loud piggy snorts and grunts as they had fun in the mud! The kids are very proud of their cute Piggy pictures for our wall.

2015-06-04 08.24.27Have a great time making your very own piggy pictures

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